We love White Caps 6 and we love Sanibel. The island is beautiful and interesting too. The cottage is comfortable, attractive and very well equipped. everything we could possibly need is provided and it’s so good not to be taking home a suitcase full of dirty washing.
We had a fantastic holiday. We only left the island once for the Everglades Safari, but we were busy and entertained all the time. We hadn’t realized how much wildlife there was to observe here, both guided tours and under own own steam as we explored on bicycles. The cycling was great- the island is so biker-friendly and it’s flat too!
We ate out almost every night, at Traders, McT’s Shrimp House, Sanibel Grill, Mermaid Kitchen, Dolce Vita, Riviera, Timbers, the Island Cow, SeaFood Factory, Jacaranda- all very different and all good. The poshest was probably Dolce Vita, our favorite perhaps Timbers.
The shells are just irresistible- we couldn’t stop collecting them. Lovely mementoes of a lovely holiday!

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